Progression of My View on the Meaning of Life

Throughout my life, I have thought a lot about the ultimate question "What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?", or just "What is the meaning of life?" In my time alive, I have changed my point of view many times. From being a religious person, and praying often, to being a complete atheist, and nihilist, to coming up with my own perspective based on my past experiences, and ideas. Here is my perspective over time.

Life is about pleasing god (0-9 years old)

Since I was born, I was raised with a largely religious parents, my mom more than dad, but religious nonetheless. We go to church every Sunday, and until I was 10 I did sincerely believe in the big man in the sky, and that he had a plan for me. I prayed, I went through Sunday school, and I didn’t mind coloring in Jesus and his disciples, or dyeing Easter Eggs. To be honest, I am not sure how I dropped the whole idea of god, but I think it has something to do with my education, and curiosity with science, and astronomy. Also I think once I figured out my great-grandparents are not living on top of the clouds, I think this sealed the deal.

Life is about nothing (around 10 to 11 years old)

After I figured out Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny were not real, and god may not be either, I decided to become Atheist. I did some hard thinking, and came to the conclusion that life is a completely random event that could not possibly have meaning. I was depressed, I saw no point in doing anything, and I just went through the movements of life, not caring. This is also the point where I was dumped into middle school, which is just a holding pen for hormonal children (me included). I realized that I had no one to hang out with after school, or do things with on the weekends, this did not help my philosophy. This was the dark part of my otherwise happy life.

Life is about happiness (12 to 14 years old)

Once I was placed in 7th grade, I became a lot happier, I joined the high school cross country team, swim team, and track team. I met really nice people, people that are genuine friends, and not just there to use you. I did more thinking throughout my middle school career, mostly about my philosophy, girls (yup, the hormones), and messing around with computers.

Now around the middle of this time period, I realized the key to my current thinking: "Life is about nothing, but nothing isn’t very exciting now is it? Let’s do something with it!" This is significant because it allows for me to define what my life is about, not trying to figure out what my destiny is. Happiness is an awesome meaning to life, but what I thought was that life was about finding pleasure, the high you get when you are on vacation, or with friends doing something amazing. This is perfectly good, but ultimate happiness can never be achieved because of how humans have evolved. We always feel that our life is missing something, it is the reason we are almost always seeking change, trying to earn more money, buy new things, or else we feel a vague feeling our life is missing something you can’t quite put a name on. Relevant

Life is about building relationships, and helping others (15 to 16 years old)

These different concepts have come to shape what I think of life today, which is that Earth is here because of events in the past, we are alive because events in the past happened in our favor, but our destiny is in our hands, and it is up to us to solve what we would like to do with it. Some choose to destroy life, others to use life for their maximum enjoyment, but I believe that the best use is to use life to build relationships, and help others build meaning in their lives. This is what is the guiding thought in my life right now. I am very sure my meaning will change at some later date as I gain more experiences in life, but until then, I will be living out my life in good faith.

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