Trello Is an Awesome Task Manager

I am working on my java skills in a fun way, developing plugin for Bukkit, a popular Minecraft server. I called the plugin qQuests, and it adds, as the name suggests, quests to the game. This has become a great undertaking, and I’ve learned a lot from it, like:

  • How to collaborate on software without actually talking to your partners in person
  • How to manage big projects
  • The headaches of not being able to immediately update code like on the web
  • How to update code like on the web
  • How to program in Java in general

The second, how I can manage a project, was really aided with a project managing tool called Trello (This is a recommend link, and not a referral link; I do not get any personal gain from it). Trello is so amazing and intuitive, it allows me to separate tasks into boards, and create a card for each task, which can hold comment, tags, a description, and many other properties, but still stays simple. The boards are collaborative, and are dynamically updated. I use Trello because of the simple, and easy to use interface, which makes managing qQuests a breeze.

Go try Trello here!

I wrote this post completely unsolicited.

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