Learn From Your Successes

Learn from your mistakes

A common saying heard throughout life. You probably first heard it from a parent, but chances are you also hear it from friends, coworkers, or teachers at least once a month. It is a great idea, make something that was a bad choice worthwhile, as if you are walking at night, and that mistake lights a part of the path, no matter how faint the light, it helps you stay on course.

However mistakes are not the only place one can learn from. It surprises me that mistakes are so often seen by society as the best way to learn, while successes do not seem to be highlighted as much. Success is the ultimate goal of any project, product, objective, or idea. Although “success” my be abstract, you know when you achieve it, and know how to succeed next time.

Being able to learn to not do something is great, but to learn how something is done is way better, and more efficient. For example when I try to memorize my name, I know the first letter is S, but if I only knew what the first letter was not, I would have to memorize a whole lot more. This idea of learning from success, not just from failure is not new, but it should be seen more equal, to learning from mistakes.

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