Back to School... Man

School has started for me, up here in Minnesota. That means I have almost no time to write or code. I did however rewrite Ideapress’s frontend to work better with backbone.js, which means now all the data is stored in models, in a neat collection.

Today, I also figured out that, since I am programming a native app with open web standards, I need to use something like PhoneGap, or Unfortunately for me I have no budget since I am a high school student with no job (hire me?). Both are viable methods, but I went with, because I loved the streamline terminal interface.

Using’s forge tools is very easy in part because their servers do most of the work. I love using it, but today I went on their site to read the Docs, and was stunned that they came up with a viable business model (no web startups do these days…), a paid system. Since I am in high school with no credit card, much less a source of income, I can not pay a monthly fee. Thus I must say goodbye to trigger and move to PhoneGap. If someone affiliated with trigger reads this, do you mind making a student tier or something like that, with limited builds/updates per day/month, or premium plugins?

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