5 Pictures You Can Repost to Pretend You Are an Adventurous Person

You’re not an adventurous unless you are hiking or biking or skydiving every weekend, but doing so is expensive and necessitates having friends. So next time you miss out because you’re too tired, the bank account is running low, or you just don’t have anyone to go with, feel free to use these readily available stock images to maintain your essential social media façade.

1. The Mysterious Adventurer

A hand holding a coffee mug in front of a road, pine trees, and river in Vancouver
Caption this "The adventure begins." Leave people on the edge of their seat, you’ll seem so mysterious. Matthew Sleeper / Unsplash

2. The Extreme Camper

Bright light in several tents at a campsite at night
The Extreme Camper A good caption for this is "Perfect night for the perfect campsite." You’ll get so many people asking you to hang out after this one. Tommy Lisbin / Unsplash

3. The Casual Skydiver

Suggested caption: "Skydiving with #bae." #SOEDGY #SOADVENTUROUS Vincentiu Solomon / Unsplash

4. The Hiking Squad

Hikers with backpacks summiting peaks of mountain
Wow look at you with all those new friends your social media friends don’t know! Suggested caption: "Easy hike this morning with the squad." So AtHlEtIc! Mathias Jensen / Unsplash

5. Surfer Dude

SO MANY MORE FRIENDS! YOU ARE SO POPULAR! Look at you being so granola with a bonfire on the beach. Suggested caption: "Good end to a great day! Thanks @samschooler!" Because I was there obviously. Kimson Doan / Unsplash

Now that you are a sufficiently adventurous person (according to social media) you can lay down on your bed and watch some Bob's Burgers.


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